How do I use the S80's menu options?

The BACtrack S80 offers several user-adjustable features through Menu Mode. To enter Menu Mode, turn on the BACtrack, and during the countdown hold MODE for 5 seconds. 

To move between Menu Mode options, press MODE. To select an option and cycle through the choices, press START. Once you have made your selection, you can press MODE to finalize the changes and start a new test.
Below is a list of the menu options and their function:

Units of Measure: By default, the BACtrack will display test results in %BAC, which is the standard in North America and in many other regions. To change to a different unit of measure, press START. You can select Promille (0/00) or mg/L as alternate units of measure.

Audible Warnings: By default, the BACtrack does not sound an audible warning after a specific %BAC result. To set an audible warning after a specific %BAC test result, press START to cycle through %BAC values.

Blow Time: The default blow time is 5 seconds. This longer blowing time generally provides a deep lung air sample and a more accurate test result. To adjust the blow time, press START.

Flow Detection Settings: Use this option to adjust how hard a user is required to blow. Press Start to change the settings.

A single column of lines requires a less forceful breath by the user, whereas three columns require a more forceful breath.

USER activated test mode is a mode where the operator must press Start during a breath sample to activate the pump and perform a test.

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