Why am I getting a positive reading when I've had nothing to drink?

The sensor in a BACtrack Breathalyzer is sensitive and can detect trace amounts of alcohol from substances in the surrounding area, which may trigger a positive test result.

Please see attached for examples of some common household products that could affect your BAC reading.
To avoid this problem, your BACtrack device should not be used or stored near these, or other substances that contain methyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, or acetone. In the event of a positive test result believed to be caused by a foreign substance, the trace amounts of alcohol detected from that substance should dissipate shortly after the initial test. The tester should wait 15-30 minutes and then re-test in an area clear of any foreign substances.

If you continue to receive positive readings and you have confirmed that you have no, please contact our support team by phone (415-693-9756) or email (support@bactrack.com).

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