What is the difference between BACtrack View and BACtrack View Enterprise?

BACtrack offers two app-based remote alcohol monitoring services depending on your testing needs.

First is BACtrack View Enterprise. The Enterprise app is compatible with both Android and iOS. This is a manager-controlled setting, which means only the tester has access to the app to take tests. The manager controls all tester schedules, test requests, notifications, and reporting through an online portal and does not need to log in to the app. Test results are video-recorded with geolocation. This program allows manager(s) to monitor one OR several testers on a single portal. Pricing for 1-9 users is $99.99 per user per month. Above 10, it drops to $79.99 per user per month. For more information regarding BACtrack View Enterprise, please click the link below.

BACtrack View Enterprise Information

The second option is BACtrack View. The View app is only compatible with iOS. This platform is more tester-controlled in that a tester has the option to be their own monitor (self-tester). If a tester chooses to have a monitor or an accountability partner, that person would also need to log in to the app in order to control tester schedules, test requests, notifications, and reporting. There is no online portal for View and there can only be one tester per account. The tester’s video and geolocation are also captured with each test result.

We offer 3 different monthly plans for BACtrack View. Each one will determine how many tests, number of connections (monitor or accountability partner), reports, and what type of notifications are included each month. For more information on our plan offerings and pricing for View, please click the link below.
Please note that both services include a free police-grade breathalyzer, real-time notifications, and video/GPS-verified results.
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