Which BACtrack device is best for me?

BACtrack Professional Series - If you are interested in getting the highest level of accuracy in your readings our recommendation is our Professional Series which include the BACtrack Mobile, BACtrack S80, BACtrack Trace, BACtrack Element, and BACtrack Scout.

BACtrack Personal Series - If you are more concerned with alcohol detection--the presence of alcohol versus the precise measurement of blood alcohol content (BAC)--a Personal Breathalyzer is likely satisfactory for your needs. These breathalyzers provide an estimated BAC to 0.00 vs Professional and Smartphone that give you an accurate BAC to 0.000 Our Personal Breathalyzers include the BACtrack Go, BACtrack S35 and BACtrack Keychain.
BACtrack Smartphone Series- These breathalyzers use professional grade technology with the size and convenience of a smaller device. Pair them with our fee BACtrack App to unlock a variety of additional BACtrack features. 
You can view our Breathalyzer Comparison chart by clicking the link below to find the right BACtrack device for you! 
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